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We hope you like our range of books, DVDs and logbooks for teachers and ringers.  All profits support ART in its mission to improve the learning experience of all ringers.


  • Books

    A selection of books for teachers and their ringers produced by ART and The Whiting Society.

  • DVDs

    For some things it's much easier to learn by watching and listening rather than reading.  So here is a range of DVDs produced by ART and The Whiting Society.

  • Logbooks

    A selection of logbooks for recording progress through Learning the Ropes.  Both the handbell scheme and Learning the Ropes Plus are available for anyone to join.

  • LtR Badges

    Learning to ring is not easy.  So, why not celebrate success by presenting a Learning the Ropes badge to your ringer as they reach pass each level of the Learning the Ropes scheme.

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