50 Ringing Things
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50 Ringing Things


Do you like challenges and trying new things? If so, 50 Ringing Things is for you. Covering your own ringing, things you can do in your tower and out and about, the scheme challenges you to do 50 Ringing Things over a fixed time period - a challenge that shows that ringing is both interesting and fun.


The 50 Ringing Things Challenges introduce the wide world of ringing in an interesting and fun way.

In collecting the 50 Things ART you will engage with more experienced ringers and will gain an insight into a wide variety of different aspects of ringing and its culture.

To get started with the challenges you will need to buy this 50 Ringing Things book and then register online. Here you will find tips and advice on how to achieve each challenge.

Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates can be claimed for completing 15, 30 or 50 activities respectively and if 50 Things are completed within 100 weeks of registration a Gold Plus certificate can be claimed. You will have to complete a minimum number of challenges from each category to gain the Silver and Gold awards.

“Attractively laid out with funny illustrations and useful hints to help you on your way. Definitely suitable for all ages! The challenges encourage ringers of whatever age to experience the wide range of ringing activities available."

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