Bell Handling DVD
  • Bell Handling DVD
  • Bell Handling DVD

Bell Handling DVD


A journey through skill development.


This DVD is a great resource for teachers and those learning to ring alike. It is full of useful tips and advice on ringing style and skill development.

The DVD follows the structure of ART Training Scheme Module 1 – Teaching Bell Handling. It covers some of the theory of learning a skilled activity, gives examples of proficient bell handling, demonstrates many of the common handling problems learners have and explains how to correct them. The DVD also features a major section showing a learner with no previous experience being given their first training session based on ART Training Scheme principles.

People who have attended an ART M1 or M2 Day Course can buy this DVD for £10.  If you weren't given a shop voucher code in your course pack, contact to receive one. Please wait to receive your voucher before you order the DVD as you won't be able to use it retrospectively.

3.1 BH DVD

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DVD size
192 x 136 x 9mm

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